On Pilgrim’s Way

On Pilgrim’s Way

Randy ok’d my desire to post these pics of him, and share a few thoughts. I can’t help but ponder the profound analogy of the Camino pilgrimage experience to all of our own Life’s pilgrimage experiences.

Among those of plans going astray, packing lightly and then having to purge even more to lighten the load, meeting people randomly along the way, the pains that pilgrimage and life can bring, and the joys and feelings of gratitude … the list could go on.

But, what I wanted to focus upon is life’s reality depicted within the 2 pics. God calls us to journey with others, in family, in community, in the neighbourhood, at work.  And, God calls us to journey one-on-one with Him too.

I know I am called to spend time with Him each morning in quiet, but then go forth and be with the people whom He puts on my path, to love and be loved, to let go and let God, all for Thee, Jesus. All for Thee.

Blessings, peace, love & joy,

Joanne Matters


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Ordained Deacon in 2006 for the Diocese of Hamilton, Canada. Married to Joanne (since 1982). A father, grandfather and a retired business professional.