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  • Shifra Homes Inc.

    Please check out this link!  It is very near and dear to me.  Essentially the vision for Shifra Home is an outcome of the Deaconate.  Myself and a few others first began to meet to discern, pray and plan back in 2004.  This is a beautiful ministry that nurtures and protects life.  I am very grateful to our staff under the leadership of Nancy Romic, volunteers and benefactors.

    Our program serves young pregnant homeless women and their babies that have lived and are currently living at Shifra Homes.  The essence of our Residential Program is to provide numerous services such as: prenatal care, pregnancy counseling, medical care, parenting skills, life coaching skills, nutritional programs, and continual monitoring. By providing a confluent delivery of necessary services and building a support system for the mothers and their babies through our programs we invigorate their capability to transition successfully back into the community.

  • Saint Gabriel’s Parish

    My current liturgical assignment.  You are always welcome to join us for worship and we hope that your visit to St. Gabriel’s will be faith-filled, and joyful !