So I begin this blog

So I begin this blog

I can’t believe I am doing this ….

As I mentioned in the intro to the website, I am at a time of change in my life.   I find myself in the first few months of retirement.  For the record, I am thrilled – BUT, I am not ready to retire, therefore 2017 is  sabbatical year!

So I begin this blog.  I attempted something similar to this several years ago, however life and career had far too many distractions that prevented me from doing so effectively.

As we get going on this I will share different thoughts and reflections.  It will be about life and faith – in my mind they are one in the same.  A few different people have asked and some cases told me that I should be writing to share my memoirs, homilies, provide views and stories as I see life.  What is so funny and intimidating about this is that I do not like to write – why, because I don’t think I do it well.  This is because for much of my life I have been told or criticized about my writing ability.  So, I will face this challenge head on.

This past winter I attended a couple information sessions at the library about writing.  These were information sessions rather than on the technical aspects of writing.  It became clear to me that there is not a one or only way to write.  Writing, I have discovered, is as different as the person.

So we begin, really not sure how often I will post etc.  My plan is to post at least weekly.  Please also check out the other sections of the website for updates –   Links, Homilies (starting in October), About Me, and The Camino.  Please note and check the Camino section during August / September as I attempt to walk the Camino – Frances.

Finally, please note the Prayer Request section of the site.  I am a strong believer in the power of prayer.  I welcome you to join with me in prayer as we all continue our pilgrimage of life.



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  1. Deacon Tom August 2, 2017 at 11:56 am

    Deacon Randy,

    I am also a Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina and work with your brother Kevin at Michelin. He shared your blog link with me and I wish you a prayerful, safe and rewarding journey on the Camino.
    My son walk part of the Camino (about 100 miles) and found it life adjusting.A word of caution, he also contracted Lyme’s disease staying at lower end hostels. He is cured now, but always cautious while camping or staying in hostels.
    I plan to walk the Camino as well when I retire. It is a journey for our journey. I like the idea of calling my first year of retirement a sabbatical! May you find God in all things! Pray for me in my journey as I will certainly pray for your journey. Buen Camino! God bless. Deacon Tom+

  2. FP August 3, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    Looking forward to sharing your journey.

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